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It is no secret why Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and the top 20% of private professional traders are so successful. They follow some simple rules when trading the markets. The governments all over the world love the fact that they make so much money, although they do not admit it publicly. The reason they enjoy the Bank's success is that they can then hit them with massive, punitive taxes to make up for Government miss-spending and waste. I'll stop there, before I start ranting on about the mess politicians get us into. All you need to know is, you can replicate their success

Once you have placed your trade, you wait for 30 minutes or so, you close the trade off and check your trading account for the profit that you've just added to it.

As you probably know, one of these rules is to always 'Trade With The Trend' and I am sure you have heard this piece of advice a thousand times. Why try to find the top or bottom of the market and try to get in for maximum profits, when you can have a much more relaxing time, just trading with the existing trend ?

I have designed this system around a concept I have called S.E.A. (The Signal Entry Area) and you use this 'Area' to let you know that there maybe an upcoming trade about show itself. Once you have identified this first part of the system, you then watch out for two more occurrences, and if they happen at the same time, you have a trade that you can enter. Once you learnt this simple concept, you will be able to scan stock market or forex charts like a professional, hunting out those profitable trades. In the trading manual, there are also three other trading strategies, so there are always opportunities to get into a trade, no matter which chart you are looking at.

This system will work day or night, so you can fit it around your current working commitments. You can trade early in the morning, after work in the evening, or if you are a shift worker, all day or all night. If you already trade part-time or full-time, you can use this system to add to your others, so giving you the chance for extra profits every day.

It can be used to trade Indexes (FTSE, S&P, Dax etc.) Forex pairs and even instruments like Oil and Gold. In coming months, you will also have instructions to trade individual shares

If you are new to trading, the system manual will show you where to open a trading account, how to set-up your charts, where to place your stop-loss and what type of profit you should aim for. You can read all about me trading this system, and my results I obtain from it, by going to my blog

It will not take you long at all to grasp the simple concepts, and once you have, you will be on the journey towards being a part-time or full-time professional financial trader. This business is like no other. There are NO customers to worry about, NO expensive offices/factory to rent, NO staff to look after, and it can be started on a shoestring - most new businesses require large investment to start-off.

So, the option is yours, to procrastinate, tell yourself you will do it tomorrow, keep on putting it off, or you can go ahead and start (or continue on an improved) road to financial freedom, and so enjoy all the things that seem like a dream at the moment.

Don't forget, there is a 60 day money back guarantee that I offer with this (and all the other) system - so this really is a risk-free opportunity of improving your lifestyle, owning your own business, and changing the life of you and your family forever.

If you have any questions about this, or any other systems on the site please don't hesitate to contact me.

The cost of the manual will make no difference to your standard of living, but the information contained within it most certainly will.

Reserve a copy of my trading system manual now. At £97 the price of the manual will make NO difference to your standard of living, but the information contained within it most certainly will. Take the first step to your bright new future and order it now. Remember, this time next year, you will have wished that you had started TODAY!!





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