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Customer Feedback

Throughout the years Markets Mastered has received a large amount of feedback about the trading systems for sale. Scroll down to see snippets of some of the feedback received.

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'Big' thank you for your evening system that I bought in January. It is working well, my trading account is now increasing and your customer service and email helpline is great. Happy for you to use this on your website feedback page. My dream of fulltime trading is getting nearer - so very happy.

Trevor Morris

With regard to the price of your system - its way too cheap - £89 for a system that gives me £100 every evening virtually, it's not rocket science - charge more!!

Tracy Legg-Smith

Had your anytime system now since the beginning of November 2010 and I must say it is the bees knees. It's a no-brainer, everyone should buy the system and make some money. Its straightforward to learn and your back-up is very good.

Roger Draper

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A belated thank you email today for your USA Forex system that I bought in March. It is a nice, simple system and I am getting on well with it. I find time to trade it probably 2 or 3 days a week, although I have been trading at work during the day when there is nobody else in the office ! It is as profitable as you say !!

Peter Judge-Patterson

There are a lot of systems out there Nick, but for sheer quality and customer support, you're unbeatable!

Andrew Davies

So far, I have not had a losing evening while trading with real money, so again I am very pleased with my progress. Also your email helpline is really 1st class, I only emailed twice but received a reply within one hour.

Petula Morrison

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I am averaging around £400 a week from the evening system, and my earnings from the anytime system are all being compounded. I am still only trading at £5 per pip although my trading account is big enough to trade at a much higher level but I much prefer to play it safely

Nigel King

Had your evening system for 3 weeks now and i am getting on very well with it. Its a very clever system but simple at the same time well done !! I have not had a losing day trading it yet and your daily email that you send out with full trade details has been a great help although I didn't really need it as it is an easy system to pick up.

Paul Tappenburg

I have searched the internet for a decent system to trade part-time and I am glad to report that your evening system has hit the mark. I am glad I was recommended to your site.

Mick Northwood

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This is the first time I have emailed you since I purchased your evening system during the Christmas holidays. I must say it is very well written and easy to understand, and I completed the learning part quite quickly without any help from you. There are only two simple things that happen on the chart and when they happen together you then set up a trade. This is simplicity itself.

Margaret Dobson

It is quite obvious why it works so well. It is head and shoulders above the dross that I have spent my hard-earned money on in the past. I was actually recommend to you after the review that Graham did on his website - I thought his 3 month test of your system was very comprehensive (and accurate it turns out !!)

Joe Miskin

Thank you for your daily emails that show your actual trade - they are very useful, especially in the first week of receiving your manual. I have had your system for 3 weeks, and I am happily trading the same as you do every evening, and I shall be trading with real money as from today.

Jose Silverio

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